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Anti-Jewish Violence in Eastern Europe

Чекав на цю книжку.


Introduction / David Gaunt, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Natan M. Meir, and Israel Bartal
1. What's in a Pogrom? European Jews in the Age of Violence / David Engel

Part 1. Twentieth-Century Pogroms
2. 1915 and the War Pogrom Paradigm in the Russian Empire / Eric Lohr
3. The Role of Personality in the First (1914—1915) Russian Occupation of Galicia and Bukovina / Peter Holquist
4. Freedom, Shortages, Violence: The Origins of the "Revolutionary Anti-Jewish Pogrom " in Russia, 1917—1918 / Vladimir P. Buldakov

Part 2. Responses to Pogroms
5. Preventing Pogroms: Patterns in Jewish Politics in Early Twentieth-Century Russia / Vladimir Levin
6. "The Sword Hanging over Their Heads": The Significance of Pogrom for Russian Jewish Everyday Life and Self-Understanding (The Case of Kiev) / Natan M. Meir

Part 3. Regional Perspectives
7. The Possibility of the Impossible: Pogroms in Eastern Siberia / Lilia Kalmina
8. Was Lithuania a Pogrom-Free Zone? (1881—1940) / Vladas Sirutaviius and Darius Stalinas
9. The Missing Pogroms of Belorussia, 1881—1882: Conditions and Motives of an Absence of Violence / Claire Le Foll
10. Ethnic Conflict and Modernization in the Interwar Period: The Case of Soviet Belorussia / Arkadi Zeltser
11. Defusing the Ethnic Bomb: Resolving Local Conflict through Philanthropy in the Interwar USSR / Jonathan Dekel-Chen


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Пробачте. Чи є у вас ще та книга? Не можу завантажити. Файл відсутній. Вона мені конче потрібна в електронному вигляді. Чи є ви на Фейсбуці?

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